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19th June


City of London


£90,000 - £110,000



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Title: Seeking a Murex & Sophis Business Analyst for Banking Financial Services in London

Introductory Paragraph:

We are seeking an experienced and skilled business analyst to join our team. This permanent position is based in London, United Kingdom with a salary range of £90-110,000 per annum. The role requires technical expertise focusing on Sophis to Murex systems within the commodities sector.

Qualifications: * Bachelor's degree or higher * Strong experience working as a business analyst * Expertise in financial services industry

Skills: * In-depth knowledge of both Sophis and Murex systems * Proficiency with SQL database management * Ability to understand complex data structures * Excellent communication skills - ability work effectively across teams

Responsibilities will include but not be limited too; 1) Analyzing existing procedures within banking financial services organization. 2) Making recommendations regarding process improvements while ensuring compliance requirements have been met when devising new strategies. 3) Collaborating between different teams including front office trading support staff members during planning stages so that all parties involved can ensure successful implementation occurs without any issues arising down-the-line! 4 ) Troubleshooting problems related specifically around commodity trades which may arise due errors made by other departments such as operations' middle/back-office functions etcetera).

If you believe that this job matches your skillset then please get into contact!

Specialist Staffing Group is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or veteran status.

To find out more about Huxley, please visit

Contact Name: Kimberley Roe

Reference: TJ/10304/PR/507063_1718785097

Job ID: 3328711

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