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 Role PurposeThe purpose of the role is to liaison and bridging the gapbetween customer and Wipro delivery team to comprehend and analyzecustomer requirements and articulating aptly to delivery teams thereby,ensuring right solutioning to the customer.Do  Customer requirements gathering and engagement Interface and coordinate with client engagement partners tounderstand the RFP/ RFI requirements Detail out scope documents, functional & non-functionalrequirements, features etc ensuring all stated and unstated customerneeds are captured Construct workflow charts and diagrams, studying systemcapabilities, writing specification after thorough research and analysisof customer requirementsEngage and interact with internal team - project managers, pre-sales team, tech leads, architects to design and formulate accurate andtimely response to RFP/RFIsUnderstand and communicate the financial and operational impactof any changesPeriodic cadence with customers to seek clarifications andfeedback wrt solution proposed for a particular RFP/ RFI and accordinglyinstructing delivery team to make changes in the designEmpower the customers through demonstration and presentation ofthe proposed solution/ prototype Maintain relationships with customers to optimize businessintegration and lead generationEnsure ongoing reviews and feedback from customers to improveand deliver better value (services/ products) to the customers Engage with delivery team to ensure right solution isproposed to the customer Periodic cadence with delivery team to:Provide them with customer feedback/ inputs on the proposed solutionReview the test cases to check 100% coverage of customerrequirementsConduct root cause analysis to understand the proposed solution/demo/ prototype before sharing it with the customerDeploy and facilitate new change requests to cater to customer needsand requirementsSupport QA team with periodic testing to ensure solutions meet theneeds of businesses by giving timely inputs/feedbackConduct Integration Testing and User Acceptance demo’s testingto validate implemented solutions and ensure 100% success rateUse data modelling practices to analyze the findings and design,develop improvements and changesEnsure 100% utilization by studying systems capabilities andunderstanding business specificationsStitch the entire response/ solution proposed to the RFP/ RFI beforeits presented to the customer Support Project Manager/ Delivery Team in delivering thesolution to the customerDefine and plan project milestones, phases and different elementsinvolved in the project along with the principal consultantDrive and challenge the presumptions of delivery teams on how willthey successfully execute their plansEnsure Customer Satisfaction through quality deliverable on time Build domain expertise and contribute to knowledgerepository Engage and interact with other BA’s to share expertise andincrease domain knowledge across the verticalWrite whitepapers/ research papers, point of views and share withthe consulting community at largeIdentify and create used cases for a different project/ account thatcan be brought at Wipro level for business enhancementsConduct market research for content and development to providelatest inputs into the projects thereby ensuring customer delight            Stakeholder Interaction Stakeholder TypeStakeholder IdentificationPurpose of InteractionInternal  Pre-sales teamFor solutioning for an RFP/ client requirementPrincipal Consultants Governance and to discuss and drive business requirements andgrowthTesting team/ QA For quality checks and continuous analysis to ensure seamlessdeliveryDelivery teamFor product solutioning and developing systems and processesClient partners/ sales teamFor any lead generationExternalConsulting PartnersCoordinating for consulting solutions and continuous supportCustomersTo provide them with right solution and ensure customersatisfaction & engagement  Display Lists the competencies required to perform this role effectively:Functional Competencies/ SkillDomain/Industry Knowledge - Awareness and knowledge of broadeconomic, demographic, technological and global trends in the ITindustry - Expert Leveraging Technology - Knowledge of current and upcomingtechnology (automation, tools and systems) to build efficienciesand facilitate the process of providing solutions for problems andopportunities - CompetentProcess Excellence - Execute projects with end-outcome andprocess focus, along with understanding of end to end delivery processesand its governance - CompetentDocumentation and research orientation - Ability to articulatethe requirements apply & document them and perform market/ secondaryresearch on the new upcoming areas of expertise - Expert   Competency LevelsFoundationKnowledgeable about the competency requirements. Demonstrates (inparts) frequently with minimal support and guidance.CompetentConsistently demonstrates the full range of the competency withoutguidance. Extends the competency to difficult and unknown situations aswell.ExpertApplies the competency in all situations and is serves as a guide toothers as well.MasterCoaches others and builds organizational capability in the competencyarea. Serves as a key resource for that competency and is recognisedwithin the entire organization. Behavioral Competencies Problem solving and decision makingExecution excellence and passion for resultsPassion for resultsRelationship BuildingTeamworkManaging complexityEffective communication Deliver No.Performance ParameterMeasure1.Customer Engagement and Delivery ManagementPCSAT, utilization % achievement, no. of leads generated from thebusiness interaction, no. of errors/ gaps in documenting customerrequirements, feedback from project manager, process flow diagrams(quality and timeliness), % of deal solutioning completed withintimeline, velocity generated,2.Knowledge ManagementNo. of whitepapers/ research papers written, no. of user storiescreated, % of proposal documentation completed and uploaded intoknowledge repository, No of reusable components  developed forproposal during quarter  Business Analysis

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