Top 10 IT Skills for 2019

  • Cloud

There has been more of a demand for cloud services in 2018 since its transformation, having more of a demand means people with these skills will be wanted by employers in the future.

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  • Project Management

Digital transformation has led to the increase in the number of projects within the public and private sector which means an increase in demand for Project Managers.

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  • Data Science

Organisations are continuing to invest time and money into their data science skills due to the realisation of the governance and quality of their data.

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  • Mobile Developer

Unsurprisingly, Android and iOS mobile developers continue to be in high demand due to the continuously high demand of smartphone devices.

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  • Analytics

Companies are investing more of their time and money into BI and analytics skills to mine their data and gain a competitive advantage. Companies are desperate to turn all their important data into information that employees can understand and turn into business.

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  • Coding and Programming knowledge

Employers are looking for candidates who can code and understand multiple programming languages even if you aren’t applying for a specific coding role.

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  • CyberSecurity

As technology increases, employers will need to protect their data. The rise in cybersecurity concerns is the reason why this skill will become demanding as companies want to address the issue.

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  • UX/UI

User experience and user interface are going to be in demand for the upcoming years to make software interfaces as natural as possible. As online activity is increasing, customers are wanting a quick and seamless experience when shopping or playing games.

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  • Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence

AI and machine learning are one of the most innovative fields moving into the future. There are ton of uses for this tech and can be applied in every industry.

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  • Data Engineering

Along with data science, data engineering skills are required to enable the latter to exist. In order for data sciences to conduct their own work, they need the foundations that the data engineers provide them.

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