BT to make changes to business structure after £12.5 billion takeover of EE

BT has announced upcoming changes to its overall business structure following last week's acquisition of EE in a deal worth £12.5 billion.

The British telecoms giant also reported its best quarterly revenue growth in more than seven years, with a 4.7% increase in sales in the last three months that has resulted in £4.6 billion in sales. BT's shares also increased from 1.8% to 494.2% after the announcement was made.

Following the recent merger last week, BT will retain the EE branding as part of the restructure and will continue to operate its network and high street stores. There were initial predictions that the EE branding would be replaced by BT's name and brand but that is set to stay the same. 

“I'm delighted we have now completed our acquisition of EE. That is great news for our shareholders, our customers and for UK plc given we will continue to invest and innovate." said Gavin Patterson, cheif executive of BT Group plc.

The restructure will see BT look after six divisions including the consumer market, the business and public sector and wholesale services to industry rivals. EE will sit within the consumer division and will be led by Marc Allera, EE's chief information officer.

Along with the announcement, Patterson added: "The acquisition provides us with a chance to refresh our structure and we have done that by creating a major new division that will focus on businesses and the public sector in the UK and Ireland.”

Not only does this announcement make BT the largest telecoms company in the UK but it continues to be the Britain's number one tech sector investor in research and development. With this announcement and BT's recent news of bringing call centres back to the UK, we could see a huge increase in IT job opportunities at BT and it's newly acquired company, EE.