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UK Government announces programme to support cyber security startups

Submitted by Georgina Stobbart on Wed, 27/01/2016 - 16:13
UK Government announces plan to support cyber security startup programme

The UK Government has announced the launch of a new £250,000 programme that will support startup developing solutions that could protect UK businesses from cyber attacks.

The government backed accelerator programme will offer advice and support to new cyber security start ups and will start accepting applications from March 2016. The announcement is likely linked with George Osbourne's recent promise to invest £1.9bn in cyber security over the next five years to  defend public services from all manners of cyber attacks and provide support across the UK security industry, which has grown by 70% since 2013.

The programme will be run in partnership with Incubator Cyber London and the Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT) at Queen's University Belfast. Cyber London already runs a programme that supports European security companies and CSIT has one of the largest cyber security labs in the UK. CSIT has also partnered with Infosys, an IT services firm to develop intellectual property that could help combat cyber threats and monitor online criminal activity.

“This programme will help to make it easier for innovation to develop into commercial success,” said Kirsten Connell of Cyber London.

Working together, the programme will be designed to increase the rate of cyber security startup developing in the UK and will do so by helping entrepreneurs develop and test their ideas and how they could be implemented into businesses.

“The UK’s strong and growing digital economy is changing the way we live and work. As technologies continue to evolve there will be an increased demand for secure products and services, and this new programme will ensure the best ideas from our brightest minds can help keep the UK safe in cyberspace.” commented John Whittingdale, secretary of culture, media and sport.

The Programme will be open to applicants from March 2016.