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Trouble getting up in the morning for work? Microsoft's new alarm could help!

Submitted by Georgina Stobbart on Fri, 22/01/2016 - 11:08

Something that many of us are guilty of doing is relying on the 'Snooze' button a bit too much in the mornings. An extra 5 minutes in be really doesn't help but some of us couldn't do without it!

The problem is our brains aren't quite in gear yet so the thought of being late for work isn't a realisation until the digits on your clock reveal that you've used the snooze alarm a bit too much. So, how do we wake up in the mornings and get in the right mindset too? Well, Microsoft has released a new alarm clock that wakes you, and your brain up, by making you play games to turn off the alarm.

The idea isn't new, but previous attempts of unique alarm clocks have involved solving math equations and finding spelling or grammar mistakes to test the mind but having our minds challenged so intensely as soon as we wake up is never a good idea. Microsoft's new alarm clock app, Mimicker Alarm, gives you simple games to play in the morning to slowly energise your brain and spend enough time awake to get out of bed and ready for work.

Games include Colour Capture, a simple image teaser that requires you to take a picture of an object in your vicinity that matches the colour displayed on the screen, while Express Yourself requires you to take a selfie whilst matching the expression asked on the screen. The other game is Tongue Twister and as the name suggests you need to repeat a tricky worded sentence and voice match the desired request on screen.

These simple little games don't require a lot of brain power but should be enough to get your brain in gear and ready for the morning and the work day ahead. 

Other ways to Wake Yourself Up for Work

If the idea of playing a game in the morning isn't quite your cup of tea, there are some other quick tips to maintaining a healthy sleeping pattern that can wake you up.

  • Cut out the stimulants - alcohol and caffeine before you goto sleep can affect your sleeping pattern and cause unrest in the night.
  • Goto bed at a reasonable time - although an obvious point, going to bed later will decrease your chance of waking up fresh the next morning so aim to sleep between 10 and 11.
  • Transition - similar to the one above, begin changing your alarm each day by 5 to 10 minutes until your body clock adjusts to waking up an earlier time
  • Comfort - an uncomfortable mattress and pillow can affect your sleep so maybe investing in new ones could be of use
  • Disable Snooze - this is a tough one but most alarm clocks, especially on your phone, give you the option to disable snooze. So once you wake up, you know you won't be woken up again so it's maybe time to get out of bed.
  • Diet - maintaining a healthy diet that includes magnesium, iron, calcium, Vitamin B6 and other nutrients to help you get a full night's sleep.

It's not just avoiding being late for work but having a fresh and full night's sleep can allow you approach the work day focused and firing on all cylinders, resulting in greatly improved job performance and lifestyle too. This can often lead to an increased salary, promotion and a better quality of life so it's very important to give yourself as much sleep and rest as possible to approach each work day with determination and spirit to get you through the day.

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