The Hour of Code - Introducing Computer Science to Students in the UK and Worldwide

Today marks the start of The Hour of Code which is a worldwide initiative to introduce the basics of computer science to millions of students across the world.

The idea is to teach the basics of coding and programming languages to a variety of students from young to old in a one hour tutorial that anyone can host. The movement is expected to reach 180+ countries and be available in over 30 languages.

The coding tutorials come in all variety and styles with Star Wars and Frozen themed scenarios that promotes the use of code to complete an event. Many large companies and organisations have shown support the Hour of Code from Microsoft, Apple, Amazon all the way up to the governmental endorsements from Barack Obama and David Cameron. 

"...being able to understand computing is vital for our economic future." said David Cameron, UK Prime Minister.

With this and the planned introduction of basic computer coding in UK schools, the government is backing a nationwide intiative to increase the awareness of the importance of computer science and coding. The next generation of coders could learn from the age of 5 and could have an advanced knowledge by the age of 12 which promotes the idea that computer science will be just as valuable as other subjects taught in schools.

How can I get involved?

Even if you don't have any prior knowldge of computer science or coding, The Hour of Code provides many online self-guided tutorials to allow just about anyone with a passion to teach to host a coding event. The details are available on the website and provides guides on how to organise your own Hour of Code Event in your school or community.