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Hong Kong Toymaker VTech is Latest Company Compromised by Hackers

Submitted by James Broom on Mon, 30/11/2015 - 12:33
Hong Kong Toymaker VTech is Latest Company Compromised by Hackers

The database of Hong Kong based toymaker, VTech has had it's database compromised by cyber criminals leaving five million customers' details exposed, including the personal information of children.

The electronic toymaker has reported that its app store database, Learning Lodge was compromised earlier this month. The VTech App Store is an online store that lets children download games, e-books and other digital content to VTech devices. Whilst the database didn't include any credit card details or banking information, the leak of personal details of children's names, email addresses, date of birth and parents addresses has caused this to be the largest data breach concerning children.

An email released by VTech stated: “On discovering the unauthorised access, we immediately conducted a thorough investigation that involved a comprehensive check of the affected site and implementation of measures to defend against further attacks.”

Cyber security experts and IT professionals believe the detailed personal information may be traded between hackers and as bait for phishing attacks and fraudulent activities.

The hacking of VTech is just another in a series of recent cyber attacks that has put pressure on companies and organisations to improve their online security and database encryption to avoid being the next target. TalkTalk's recent attack cost the company dearly with over 160,000 personal details of customers leaked and their overall reputation affected. Though most notably was the hacking of controversial adultery website, Ashley Madison which resulted in almost 37 million accounts compromised and released to the public.

Will we see an increase in cyber security and threat engineers roles advertised in 2016? If this year has taught us anything, it's that the protection of customer details and personal information needs to be the highest priority for tech companies and organisations.