Exciting IT careers at GCHQ now available

Exciting IT careers at GCHQ

Ever wanted to work for GCHQ? The British intelligence and security organisation who are responsible for providing signals intelligence to the British government are looking for technically minded individuals to help them combat cyber crime and prevent potential threats. GCHQ is tasked by the government to help protect any potential threats and attacks to the country. Working alongside other security services, GCHQ is responsible for giving the Prime Minister information to influence decisions and plans of action by using advanced communication technology to intercept and report cybercrime and potential terrorist threats.

Famous for its doughnut shaped headquarters (hence called The Doughnut) the GCHQ is based in Cheltenham and was formed in 1919 under the name of the GC&CS before changing to GCHQ in 1946. During the Second World War, the organisation was known for breaking the German Enigma codes which was the topic of the 2014 film, The Imitation Game.

Since then the threats of today have become extremely diverse and advanced.  Due to the digital revolution, communication interceptions have also evolved from listening to monitoring online chatter.

GCHQ is working to combat this by developing innovative solutions and unique technologies against these threats. This is why GCHQ are looking for highly skilled and committed people to join their team and their mission to keep the UK safe and secure. 

What it’s like to work at GCHQ

Due to the nature of the work and the constantly changing global environment, you will be exposed to new and advanced technology you wouldn’t find anywhere else. This is a great benefit of working at GCHQ.

The work culture at GCHQ is an environment that relies on the constant sharing of knowledge, ideas and collaborative approaches to get a variety of innovative solutions and ideas. Having an open mind and attitude is a trait that is encouraged as to recognise the strengths and assets of employees.

The atmosphere is positive and allows flexible opportunities to develop work patterns to suit your personal life and has a welfare and benefits structure to keep you positive and at your best.

Job Opportunities at GCHQ

GCHQ has many unique positions available. Alongside Cheltenham, they have sites spread over the UK including Bude, Manchester, Lincolnshire, Harrogate and Scarborough.

Here is a selection of GCHQ jobs opportunities that are currently available:

Threat AssessorsView Job
You will compile information on the capabilities and motivation of foreign intelligence services and other threat actors. You’ll then present this information in a range of forms to illustrate the technical threat and help our customers to understand the threats relevant to them.

Intrusion AnalystsView Job
You will triage alerts from numerous types of IT security controls. This will involve investigating alerts relating to actual or suspected security incidents, escalating via the appropriate incident management process when required. You will also improve intrusion detection capability by staying up to date with the latest cyber attack techniques, reducing false positive alerts.

Cyber Security Incident ManagersView Job
As an Incident Manager, you will respond to suspected or actual computer security incidents. We’ll look to you to identify if an incident has occurred, assess the impact and manage virtual teams to ensure all available resources are used to limit the impact of the incident.

Network Defence ResearcherView Job
You will conduct research to gain a sound understanding of areas such as platform security, mobile technology, vulnerabilities, security, cryptography applications and processor technologies. Part of the UK National Technical Authority for Cyber Security and Information Assurance, you will play a key role in defending the UK against emerging threats and building expertise.

Cryptographic ConsultantView Job
You will develop technical specifications for systems that use cryptography to protect government information assets. It’s an exciting opportunity to work closely with our industry and government partners to deliver pragmatic solutions to problems.