Survey shows positive contractor attitude

It is clear that contracting is becoming an increasingly popular career move, especially in the IT sector as 47 per cent of contractors work within IT. 

Contracting is very different to being employed; some may say it brings a lot more benefits than permanent employment does. According to a new survey by a top accountancy, 72 per cent of them feel that contracting has had a positive effect on their work life and lifestyle. There are also many more benefits to contracting including less office politics, more time off, greater flexibility, more opportunity to work with different clients.

Contracting is mostly popular for its generous rates of pay. Evidently, 91 per cent of contractors are earning more as a contractor than as a permanent employee. Along with this, nearly 33 per cent of contractors are earning between £500 and £700 per day in which 13 per cent of contractors saw this as an increase to their original wage, according to the survey.

The contracting world also seems to be dominated by men (9/10) and by those who are older with more experience. Five per cent of contractors are aged over 40 with an increase of 17 per cent year on year. Along with this, it is evident that rates of pay get better with age in the world of contracting due to the amount of experience these employees bring.

Contracting is definitely a positive way of life for those that embrace it and have the skills that are attractive to employers. It is also a great opportunity to have extended time off and therefore a strong work life balance.