Number of Developer Jobs on the up!

Good news for Developers as new projections from the Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) are showing that they are expecting the number of Developer Jobs in the UK to rise by approximately 22% by 2020.

Developers are key to most of the new technological innovations we see come to light and with the rise of smartphones, social networks and increasing internet speeds, the options available to mobile developers in particular have been broadened incredibly.

“Having access to 4G opens up more possibilities for Smartphone users and developers because of the reduced loading time,” said Helen of Technojobs. “So interaction can be faster and with more advanced features.”

This increase in possibilities teamed with our increasing dependance on technology in general and the impact of the failing high street rushing online to secure their virtual presence appears to be the underlying cause of this spike in developer jobs.

With predictions that around 4,000 stores are likely to close by the end of March 2013, it is clear to see the effect that the economy is having on the high street. However, several businesses are looking at transferring operations online and creating websites as a way of lowering overhead costs and surviving the low spending caused by the current climate.

This trend is expected to spike alongside the rise in developer jobs as it becomes more and more apparent that some of the companies that have recently succumbed to the administrators, such as HMV and Blockbuster, perhaps could still be around had they explored more of the online options and technological advances.

Are you a developer looking for work? Are you finding there’s a larger number of vacancies around?