Are job seekers making the most of social media?

In the current climate job hunting isn’t easy – so are job seekers making the most of the tools available to them?

Technojobs conducted a survey that found that 65% of the British adults surveyed had recommended a job to a contact and that 57% of those that applied for the job recommended to them, were offered the position. Networking and contacts seem to get results! So it’s surprising to also hear that the same survey reveals 20% of job seekers don’t actually tell anyone they are looking for a new job.

So are you making the most of your contacts and the social networking tools available to you?

Here’s 3 steps to help you kick start your social job search:

Establish your strengths

OK, so this one doesn’t really involved social media but it’s a sensible place to start any job search. By figuring out your strengths, weaknesses and interests you’ll be able to investigate the types of job opportunities available to you and be well equipped to apply. Researching the types of jobs you think you’re interested in can often help focus your job search – and social media can help here – as you can get in touch with people already in the industry for some insider info!

Get connecting!

Social media is all about connecting with people. Add your friends and family and start building up a network of contacts – you never know who aunty Mabel may be able to introduce you to! Get active on Twitter – it’s an amazing tool as it enables you to see and be seen by some very influential people that you might otherwise never have been able to cross paths with.

Get active

Show that you have an interest in your chosen field by sharing relevant links, writing interesting content around your professional life or interests and tweeting work or images that you’ve been involved in in order to showcase your talents.

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