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IT Jobs in Germany

IT Jobs in Germany

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Germany is located in the heart of Europe sharing boarders with France, Poland and Belgium. Germany’s official language is German whilst English is considered to be a second language rather than a foreign language as it is taught in schools from a young age.

Germany has one of the largest economies in Europe but also has one of the greatest shortages of IT staff. Germany and the UK together account for half of Europe's IT industry, and IT staff are among the largest beneficiaries of the 75,000 work permits issued each year.

In Germany’s IT market computer network equipment is the fastest growing sub-sector within the computer hardware market, with strong demand still existing for all other categories.

IT professionals who are from inside the European Union (EU) will have the right to work in Germany under the EU’s freedom of movement provisions. Upon arrival in Germany it is required that your details are registered at the Einwohnermeldeamt and then at the Immigration office. You will need your passport and a small fee may be charged.

Working practices

The working attitude in Germany is different to that in the UK. People tend not to work long hours and those who work in the public sector often finish their working day at 4pm. The German work ethic places strong emphasis on efficiency, productivity, punctuality and order. For expatriates this inclination towards discipline may appear as unfriendliness but this is often not the case.

Applying for IT jobs in Germany

Due to the Germans strict attention to detail applying for IT jobs in Germany requires every aspect of your application to be correct and professional. It is important to clearly outline skills and experience and tailor your CV and covering letter to the job that you are applying for.

In Germany there are no official licensing qualifications set by the state for IT-professionals wishing to work in Germany. Alongside relevant experience many IT employers also desire an IT related qualification. If you hold a related qualification it is important to highlight this in your application.

Living in Germany

Rental prices in Germany vary depending upon location. Prices will be more expensive in the major cities such as Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Cologne. Accommodation can be rented at short notice and for relatively short periods of time.

Finding an IT job in Germany

Due to the IT skills shortage in Germany there is a strong demand for IT professionals across a broad range of industries. Due to this shortage of skills and Germany’s new Immigration Act (passed in 2005) it has become easier for IT specialists to work in Germany. IT jobs in Germany in demand include the expected developer and programmer skills such as Oracle, PHP, SAP, Java, Linux and Perl.

Some of the larger employers of IT professionals in Germany include: Microsoft, Oracle and SAP.