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IT Jobs in Australia

IT Jobs in Australia

It has long been recognised that Australia is one of the world’s most desirable places to live and work and has seen a growth IT job opportunities in recent years. Despite being as large as the USA it only has a population of around twenty million, which is comparable to that of the Netherlands.

Living and working in Australia

Australia enjoys a stable economy, low levels of unemployment, top class education facilities, a diverse range of jobs and a world-class healthcare system. In addition to this, those that live and work in Australia also benefit from a great lifestyle, with thriving beaches, diversity in foods and wines, stunning scenery and a relaxed attitude to life.

Taking all of this into account, it is not surprising why so many IT professionals want to secure an IT job in Australia.

Consulting careers in Australia

Here’s a life changing career move. One that will give you greater exposure. That offers you the chance to partner global big-name clients and work with talented experts. That provides the scope to build your specialist skills as you enjoy fast-paced career development. And offers the opportunity to experience a lifestyle that’s hard to match.  Find out more about careers with Accenture in Australia here

Working practices

Similar to the UK, the Australians have a strong ‘work hard - play hard’ ethic. The average working week is made up of 37 hours spread over five working days – generally Monday to Friday.

Permanent employees in Australia are entitled to four weeks paid annual leave per year and ten days personal leave (sick leave and carers leave).

Applying for IT jobs in Australia

Applying for IT and Engineering jobs in Australia usually requires a CV (known in Australia as a resume) and covering letter or may require the applicant to complete an online form. Due to the desirability of Australia and the level of competition for IT jobs, it is very important to ensure that your CV and covering letter are tailored not only to the position but also the company that you are applying to.

Your CV should be no longer than two pages long and should clearly outline your main skills, qualifications and achievements. It may be useful to include how you can add value or contribute to the workplace in Australia.

Living in Australia

The cost of living in Australia is generally lower then that of the UK. As you would expect the cost of renting varies according to the number of bedrooms and location.

Rental prices are less expensive in the rural areas than the urban areas and tend to be the most expensive in Melbourne, Sydney and Darwin.

As an indication, for a one bedroom apartment prices vary from $150-275 per week, whereas a three bedroom house will cost between $325-650 per week.

When renting a property in Australia, a deposit must be paid in advance. Similar to the UK, the deposit is usually equal to between four and six weeks’ rent. A larger deposit is usually required for furnished properties.

Finding an IT job in Australia

The Internet is by far the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to find IT jobs in Australia. Australia constantly has a strong demand for IT professionals with knowledge of specialist skills such as SAP, Oracle, Java and C++. There are also many opportunities for project managers, engineers, analysts and consultants.