IT Jobs Growth in Ireland

Tech Jobs Growth in Ireland

Ireland’s IT job growth and economy has seen a recent improvement with nearly 20,000 new jobs created in 2015 and the lowest level of job losses since 2000.

This year, net employment was over 100,000 with the average national unemployment dropping under 10%. Following the need for rescue funds after the banking crash, the Irish economy now surges forward with strong growth.

Although this is dependent on the location since Dublin’s unemployment figure sits at 8.8% where in contrast the rate in the South-East is 12.8% but considering two years ago the rate was at 18.4% this represents a strong growth since the recession took its toll across Ireland.  Many job sectors have seen an increase in job growth from engineers to scientists and lab technicians. However, the number of IT jobs in Ireland has seen a faster growth than any other sector with demands in jobs involving data analysis and online security seeing a particular rise.

IT Jobs in Ireland

Towards the end of July 2015 almost 500 IT jobs were announced in Ireland causing IT job listings to sky rocket this year. Infact, the Irish Government has launched a plan to create 25,000 jobs in the South East with IT and financial/business services being targeted as one of the key sectors. The South East has seen the fastest rate of jobs growth in Ireland and this new action plan will cover counties including Kilkenny, Tipperary and Wexford.

Ireland is also benefiting from many US companies and hi-tech firms investing in the country. An ACCI report indicates that 700 US companies are operating in Ireland and employing 130,000 people. These firms include Intel, Dell, Paypal, Yahoo, Google, Facebook and Hewlett Packard who have all based Europeans offices there. One of the major attractions to working in Ireland is it’s low 12.5% corporation tax rate and it’s bridge into the European market.

Top Companies Hiring in Ireland

Since June 2015 the following companies have been creating a high number of new jobs that include IT roles:

  • SAS – 150 New Jobs in Dublin
  • Deloitte – 400 New Jobs in Cork
  • 6D Global – 60 New Jobs in Dublin
  • Uber – 150 New Jobs in Limerick
  • Vodafone – 200 New Jobs in Dublin

Average Salaries in Ireland

The average salary for people with jobs in Information Systems will vary by role and location. Here are a selection of common jobs in IT and their average salaries.

All information and figures are provided by Technojobs data.