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Enhance Your Job Prospects in Europe

Enhance Your Job Prospects in Europe

Are you looking for a new challenge? With the job market in the UK remaining uncertain and the ease with which you can move around in Europe, living and working abroad has become an attractive proposition for many.

Of course, moving to a foreign country is a big change in anyone’s life and there are a number of factors to take into account. One of the biggest barriers to moving and working abroad is language, and the fear of not understanding or being able to make yourself understood. Simple language training can make a huge difference in eradicating this fear and opening up a huge number of new possibilities for you and your career. Here are a few of the points to consider when thinking of moving abroad:

Choose the Language Wisely

With so many different languages spoken throughout Europe it is important that you consider which one could be of most use to you before you go ahead and start studying. Many people will have a clear idea of where they would like to move to, however, if you aren’t sure then perhaps you could start by considering which countries have strong IT industries. A look at some of the jobs on offer in each country should give you a feel for where you could end up. Germany, France, Holland and parts of Scandinavia, for example, have a great number of technology related jobs on offer.

Find More Work Possibilities    

If you are a native English speaker then by learning a second European language you could increase the number of possible jobs you could apply for enormously. It is possible nowadays to go to another EU country and work without learning the local language first. However, this approach will seriously restrict your options and might leave you limited at looking for work in parts of Europe with a big British ex-pat population.

Many UK based jobs now also look favourably on you having at least basic knowledge of a foreign language, as many larger firms will have international clients and stakeholders.

Make a Strong Impression at the Interview

Immersing yourself in a country and its culture is the best possible way of learning any tongue, however, in order to secure work and before you can do this, you need to make a strong impression at interview. By taking some lessons with a language firm like Language Trainers before you start applying for work you can make sure that you have nothing to fear on this score.