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What is a Programme Manager?

What is a Programme Manager?

Do you see yourself as an individual who can efficiently manage several projects at once? Do you also have the ability to oversee the purpose and status of each project?

Becoming a Programme Manager requires precision, attention to detail and the ability to multi-task projects and people efficiently.

Not to be confused with Project Manager, a programme manager is someone who can coordinate multiple projects at once using a structured and balanced process. This is often with the intent of improving company performance and ensuring each project has a quality and consistent outcome from initiation to closure.

Responsibilities of a Programme Manager

  • Managing the programme budget and costs of administering the programme
  • Regular reviews and assurance with project managers
  • Ability to forecast and create roadmaps to achieve particular goals
  • To coordinate and prioritize resources across projects
  • Maintain key relationships across stakeholders across commercial, finance, HR, board members
  • Planning and developing each project in terms of resources and timescale
  • Improving and assessing performance to apply new learning and knowledge


Project management experience is a clear necessity. Having knowledge of the role of a project manager can ensure effective management and strong relations. It is essential to learn the methods of project management including analysing activities, budgeting and controlling resources.

Understanding the role is essential as this will give you a realistic expectation of the project’s schedule and accountability of the final outcome. Knowing how to handle difficult situations and people is also a benefit as it shows your effectiveness and prowess, not just as a manager but as a leader.


The APMP (Association for Project Management) is a qualification that assesses the knowledge involved with Project Management. This can showcase to your employer that you’re a skilled and committed individual with an established knowledge of project management.

There is also the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification can be achieved by studying and taking an exam. Your company may require you to have a PMP certification in order to move into programme level management.

Companies can offer their own specific training programs to ensure the correct company and project procedures are put in place.


In addition to these desired qualifications, employers also look for the following attributes in candidates:

  • Effectively multi-task and impeccable organisation skills
  • Excellent man-management and motivational skills; both written and verbal
  • Strong client management and negotiation skills
  • Excellent time management skills

Salary and benefits

According to Technojobs data, salaries vary between £60,000 to £90,000. The amount is dependent upon a number of factors, one of which is location. It is not uncommon for Programme Managers in London to be paid more and work in financial services.