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Preparation for an IT Graduate Interview

Preparation for an IT Graduate Interview

You may have already had jobs before or during your time at university so might think you are interview prepared.

However, preparing for an IT Graduate interview is completely different. It is easy to get carried away with job applications when finishing university as all you want to do is get a job.

First of all you need to ask yourself, are you able to do the job, are you motivated enough to take the job, would you fit into the company and enjoy working for them. These are important questions to ask yourself as you don’t want to waste your time or the interviewers’ time on applying for a job.

Always make sure you are fully prepared for an interview, the employer will know straight away if you are unprepared and it will make you look bad. The most important way to be prepared is to have a few practices before the interview. Make sure you know the role you are applying for like the back of your hand and that you’ve practiced how you are going to answer typical interview questions. Take a look at our helpful IT Graduate Interview Questions article to help you practice these questions.

Secondly, make sure you have researched the organisation and job role in full and know the importance of your role to that company. The employer is guaranteed to ask you what you know about the organisation and other questions related. If you do not know enough about your possible future organisation they will sense a lack of interested.

Always remember, first impressions are everything to some people so make this one count. It can be simple things such as lack of eye contact, lack of smart dress, bad posture, and un-enthusiasm that will put them off choosing you for the role. Always be prepared to convince the employer that you are perfect for the role and the company. If you are confident that you are right for the role this will reflect on the interviewer in a positive way- however remember not to boast and avoid arrogance as this will not impress to them. Often it can be the tone and personality as much as the content on how you are judged.

Top General Interview Tips

Always remember the general interview tips that are easily forgotten such as:

  • Research the company & person in detail
  • Arrive on time (preferably early)
  • Body language- firm handshake, eye contact, don’t fidget, no crossing arms
  • Dress appropriately, if you aren’t sure, dressing smarter is always better
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Avoid being arrogant
  • Positive Language
  • Confidence

Another thing to remember when preparing for an IT Graduate interview is to never make the employer feel like they are just one of many job interviews you are going for. Make sure you show your determination and full interest into working for that company and that you are not interested in anywhere else.

As a graduate – the working world may seem a bit daunting. However employers are looking for confident, focussed and mature individuals that are ready to add value. So it is important to have the right mindset of positivity, confidence and readiness from the outset.