IT Graduate Starting Salaries

IT Graduate Starting Salaries

For IT Graduates, the main aspects of a starting salary will be experience, location, academic record and skills. 

For example, a graduate from a top 10 university with a First degree will be offered a higher salary than someone from a lesser university with a 2.2 degree. However, it is comforting to know that IT and Telecommunications is in the top 10 of industries which offer the highest graduate starting salary.

Demand for IT Graduates has gradually risen and now there is alot of competition amongst the biggest brands for Computer Science and IT Graduates.

The average salary for an IT graduate in the UK is £24,000* which has been on the increase every year since 2011. Also, around 85% of IT graduates were offered more than £20,000 for their starting salary in a graduate career between January and May 2014.

Many of the bigger companies will run dedicated Technology Graduate schemes. If you are lucky enough to be offered a place on a corporate graduate scheme the starting salaries are higher and can start at £30,000.  Applications will normally start for these IT Graduate programmes in your final year at University in the autumn time.

In terms of location, there is little regional difference in salary with London being the highest with an average starting salary of £24,000- £25,000. The regional starting salaries vary between £20,000 and £25,000. However you could be offered a graduate programme outside of London for a higher salary so it does depend on a few factors and not just location.

Generally, the range of IT roles will vary – but the most popular being Developer or Software Engineer roles.

It is harder to negotiate a higher salary in your first graduate job than if you were an experienced IT professional but some companies will have a set salary range which they will choose from for you depending on your qualifications and experience. Formal Graduate schemes though will normally have a fixed salary range and fixed term contract with little room for negotiation.

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