Becoming a Trained Java Developer

Becoming a Trained Java Developer

Whether you are starting out with Java or have several years’ experience, training is a great way to progress your career.

Java is a programming language and computer platform first released in 1995 by Sun Microsystems and is an underlying technology for most games and business applications. In fact, over 850 million PCs run Java worldwide.

As a result of its phenomenal popularity, professionals with skills in Java development are highly sought after and the average salary of Java Developer Jobs in the UK is £45,000.

Formal or informal Java training?

The choice between formal or informal training is usually based upon what stage you are at in your Java career. For those starting out it is often recommended that you undertake formal Java training as it is a great way to prove to employers that you know what you are doing, especially if you are short on experience.

Informal training however, is great for those who are already Java Developers and perhaps looking for a promotion to Senior Java Developer or a pay rise in their current role. Informal training is also a great idea, simply for self-improvement as technology moves so quickly – it is always a good idea to keep up to date!

Formal Java Training

There are several places that offer formal Java training; however we would recommend that when you are looking at which option to go for, you ensure that the provider is officially affiliated with Java to get the best quality training and a qualification that will be recognised industry wide.

Online courses are often very popular as they enable you to fit your training around any current commitments.

We currently partner with The Learning People who are online IT Training providers. They are officially affiliated with Java and you can view a full listing of their available courses here.

Alternatively you can contact your local college as many will offer evening courses where you can learn in a more traditional teaching environment.

Informal Java Training

For those that have already started their Java Developer career, informal training is often an excellent way of keeping up with new technological advances in the field and demonstrates great motivation and interest to your current employer, helping you to push for a promotion or pay rise.

A good way to get informal Java training is to become a member in Java forums; this is a great way of learning as it gives you access to the knowledge of Java experts and the ability to discuss individual problems that you might be having. Another good option is to follow industry leaders’ blogs as they are often very quick to offer advice and information on anything new that is released or tricks that they discover.

What jobs can I get after Java Training?

The main goal for most people who undertake Java training is to become a Java Developer. There are several different levels of Java Developer from Junior and graduate roles to senior or team lead positions.