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Top tips for a Skype interview

Top tips for a Skype interview

Video interviews are fairly different to your normal face to face interview so we’ve put together a few top tips to help you prepare for your Skype Interview.

You may think Skype interviews are easier but to be honest, they can be just as tough and there are a few things to make sure you cover before and during the interview to make sure it goes well!

Make Sure Everything is Working

Check the tech- double and triple check for any tech issues. Although you won’t have to worry about being late due to traffic or public transport, you never know when technology will let you down. Download Skype well in advance and sign in early. If there are any issues during the interview that you can’t resolve, suggest rearranging the call while you sort the issues. It would be extremely beneficial to do a practice run with your friend to make sure connection is all ok and everything runs smoothly.

If your problem goes as far as your computer not working then no need to worry as Skype is available to use on your smart phone or tablet too! 

If you're in the position where you can’t Skype at home or don’t have any of the above devices to use for Skype then you could use your local library, college, university or a friend’s computer or device. Either way, if you will be in a public place for the interview, ensure you tell the interviewer beforehand to give them some warning. 

Preparation and Presentation

You must still remember to dress smartly – to be extra prepared, it’s best to fully dress smartly and not just on the top in case they ask you to get something you need to get up for and you’re in your pyjama bottoms

Prepare your surroundings- check out the room you will be in during the interview and make sure there are no embarrassing or offensive posters behind you. If you’re not sure - just take everything down or make sure you choose a plain room for the interview. Also consider the lighting in the room and make sure the video is clear.

Body Language

Although you are not face to face, you still need to think about body language and eye contact. Make sure you don’t forget you’re on camera- so smile, make eye contact and don’t get distracted by something else in the room

If it isn’t a video interview then body language and the above are less important but it means you will have to express your feelings (excitement and enthusiasm) through your voice

The Job Interview

After you’ve covered all of these, don’t forget to also prepare for this interview like you would for a normal one. We have a wide range of interview practice questions for you to take a look at before the interview. Please click here to view them.

If your Skype interview has been successful and you’ve been invited to a face to face interview then take a look at some other interview help articles we have by clicking here.