Software Testing Interview Questions

Software Testing Interview Questions

Interview questions for software testing jobs can often be quite challenging and will certainly put your technical ability to test.

When preparing for a software testing interview, it is important to ensure you have thought thoroughly about the industry and the processes involved in testing on top of the usual career aspirations and personal aspects.

Here are some example software testing interview questions to help you with your preparations. (A link to the answers can be found at the bottom of the page.)

  1. What is the MAIN benefit of designing tests early in the life cycle? 
  2. What is risk-based testing? 
  3. What is the KEY difference between preventative and reactive approaches to testing? 
  4. What is the purpose of exit criteria? 
  5. What determines the level of risk? 
  6. When is used Decision table testing? 
  7. What is beta testing?
  8. Which is a benefit of test independence?
  9. What is component testing?
  10. What is functional system testing?
  11. What are the benefits of Independent Testing?
  12. In a reactive approach to testing when would you expect the bulk of the test design work to be implemented?
  13. When should configuration management procedures be implemented?
  14. What are the white-box testing techniques?
  15. How much testing is enough?
  16. What is exploratory testing?
  17. What is failure?

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Remember to be specific when answering software testing interview questions. Concise, qualitative answers demonstrate confidence and knowledge.

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Good Luck!