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CCNA Jobs Interview Questions

CCNA Jobs Interview Questions

Most interviews start with an introduction to your soft skills and personality and it is likely that CCNA interviews would start the same way.

However, as you are interviewing for a technical role, it is very likely that after a brief introduction to your character, the interview questions will move on to your experience as a CCNA professional.

To help you when interviewing for CCNA jobs here are some commonly asked CCNA interview questions. (There’s a link to the answers at the bottom!)

  1. What is the difference between switch and hub?
  2. What is “PING utility”?
  3. What is a VLAN? And what does VLAN provide?
  4. What is subnetting and why is it used?
  5. What is the difference between communication and transmission?
  6. What is raid?
  7. Name the two types of Transmission technology
  8. What are the possible methods of data exchange?
  9. What is passive topology?
  10. What is a mesh network?

Find the answers here

In CCNA interviews, when answering technical questions it is advisable to keep your answers short and precise. This is a great way to come across as knowledgeable and confident.

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