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What are the most common IT job interview questions for 2023?

 What are the most common IT job interview questions for 2023?

Preparation is key when it comes to job interviews. It is important to make sure you have thought of all the possible questions you might come across so hopefully, nothing will come as a surprise and catch you off guard.

During the interview, you will come across general questions and skill-based questions. Make sure you read the job description, highlighting the skills they have asked for and think of how you have demonstrated them in a previous role.

We have put together some of the most common interview questions for 2023, so you can prepare for your next interview.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

This is a common question in any job role, but it is always important to be able to highlight your strengths and weaknesses. For example, you may talk about particular responsibilities in the job description that you feel comfortable with or have had experience with. When it comes to weaknesses, your potential employer wants to see your self-awareness. So, make sure you answer honestly but also mention how you are working on your weakness as well. Try to think about soft and hard skills.

What are some of the biggest trends impacting the IT industry, and how do you expect these trends to affect your job?

As the IT & tech industry is always developing, your potential employer wants to know you are proactively learning and keeping up to date with industry trends and developments. Being on top of trends can help businesses stay ahead of the competition and appear as experts in their fields to their target audiences.

How familiar are you with different operating systems?

The interviewer might also ask which systems you have used in the past. When it comes to technical questions like these you should make sure you have checked the job description to see if they have specified their preference.

Can you tell us about a time you took the lead on a project?

This question allows you to talk about project management and people management. Leadership skills are always appealing to your employer so make sure you break down your answer with what the project was, the actions you took and the results you achieved.

What languages have you programmed in?

Another technical question where you will need to make sure you’ve read over the job description and if they have specified a programming language it is important to highlight your efficiency in it. Be sure to mention multiple programming languages if you can as it will show your variety and your willingness to learn and adapt.


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Can you describe a time when you were able to improve upon the design that was originally suggested?

It is important to be able to share your success stories in your interview, as you are there to try and sell yourself. Discussing improvements made on a design will also show off your technical abilities, and your ability to think outside of the box.

What is the biggest IT challenge you have faced, and how did you manage it?

We come across challenges every day in our work, so when you answer this question try to think of a story that could relate to the position you are applying for. You could include how your critical thinking skills helped you to solve a technical issue, or even how your time management and organisation skills have helped you to meet sudden deadlines.

What development tools have you used?

Relate your answer to any tools they might have mentioned in the job description and share a story of you using the development tools and how it has helped you previously. This question also allows you to share your business acumen with decision-making skills.

Why do you want to work here?

Make sure you answer this question honestly and let the interviewer know you are genuinely interested in their company. Whether it is their company morals, their plans for growth or you are interested in the business itself. Highlight the benefits of you joining the company and what you think the company would do for you. E.g., career progression or training.


These are just some of the questions you might be asked in your next interview. Make sure you read the job description thoroughly and think of any situation where you have applied the skills they are asking you to demonstrate. It is also important to show off your personality in the interview too though so try not to sound too scripted and rigid. If you want to see more role-related technical questions click here.

As well as being prepared for questions it is important to have an overall professional appearance, whether that’s what your wear or even your body language. Click here for our Top 10 Interview tips for 2023.