Training for a Varied Career Path

Training for a Varied Career Path

We don’t mean to alarm you, but where once a career was built in stone, it’s now made up of building blocks of an indefinable material, that can be stacked sideways, upwards, or even back to front.

The word career is being altogether redefined – where once it meant one occupation undertaken for a substantial period of an individual’s life, this occupation now often starts to career in an uncontrollable and swiftly moving way – so your working life isn’t built on solid foundations anymore.

In order to excel in the workplace we now simply take on roles answering to demand and pace at the time so that companies can stay competitive.

The millennial generation are now facing a world where there is less certainty about their career than their parents enjoyed, but where there is less restriction.

You may begin your career in one place, but ten years later you may have moved on to a different field entirely – this state of affairs is both liberating and daunting.

So how can you take control over your career path no matter where you are along it?

Through professional and personal development

Europe’s top eLearning provider, The Learning People, are keen advocates of continuous professional development, believing that it empowers individuals to make decisions and think outside the box when it comes to their career.

There are thousands of professional certifications available for those people who wish to show employers, both prospective and current, their commitment, dedication, and determination – all desirable attributes in a candidate at any level.

Training enables you to acquire new skills which can increase your contribution to the business you work for – thereby increasing wage potential, opportunities for promotions, and your own self esteem.

Often when your skillset enables you to take on different tasks your workday takes on a fresh perspective, keeping you motivated and more fulfilled.

In turn this fresh perspective could mean you inspire your team to approach projects from a different angle, perhaps streamlining the process, and making things easier for everyone involved.

Certifications such as PMI’s Project Management Professional – PMP – or Certified Associate in Project Management – CAPM – are globally recognised, so opportunities for travel and remote working are also opened up to you through training.

The working world is no longer reactive, it has the capacity and desire to be proactive, it just requires professionals with the capability, vision, and confidence in their own ability to keep pushing it forward.

They say you learn something new every day, training is a way to ensure you do so, no matter where you are along your careering career path.