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Psychometric Testing

Psychometric Testing

There is no doubt that you know more about yourself then anyone else, but do you know how much a recruiter knows about you?

Psychometric testing is becoming ever more common in the recruitment process. If you’ve changed jobs in the past few years there is a strong chance that you may have completed a psychometric test. Have you ever wondered what the results of that test say about the type of person you are?

Psychometric tests are used, as the name suggests, to measure psychological aspects of a person. Most commonly in selection this includes personality and motivation.

The advantages to a job seeker of taking a personal psychometric test includes:

  • Finding out more about yourself and potential development areas
  • Discovering what an employer would read about you after a psychometric test
  • Enhancing your CV with your personality info
  • Preparing yourself for psychometric tests at job interviews

Are you interested in confirming how much you know about yourself? Are you interested in discovering the real you, your strengths and weaknesses, how you communicate with others, what your influence is, how you perform in a team, how sociable you are and most importantly what your ideal job is? Take a free psychometric test here.