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Umbrella Companies

Umbrella Companies

Welcome to our directory of umbrella companies. We have provided a list of the top umbrella companies due to demand from candidates. All of the established umbrella companies below can provide specialist contractor financial advice.

To find out more information about the umbrella companies listed here and the services they provide simply click on the links or banners below:

In the UK, an umbrella company acts as an employer to independent contractors. Umbrella companies tend to be used by those on short-term contracts in between permanent roles or by those long-term contractors who do not want the added workload of running their own Limited Company.

Umbrella Companies issue invoices on your behalf (usually after you have completed the timesheets), collect money due from the client or agency and, calculate taxes and NI due on the payment and then pay the rest to you. Umbrella companies therefore can ensure that you spend minimal time calculating your salary and tax.

The main advantages of using umbrella companies include:

  • Avoids the time of running a limited company.
  • There is no need to be involved with running a spreadsheet, VAT returns, payroll matters, company accounts, taxation, etc.
  • For short term contractors, a main advantage is not having to go through the process of forming a company and then arranging for it to be dissolved.

To find out more information about the individual recommended umbrella companies in our directory, please do click on the links in the above items.