Telecoms Contract Jobs

The UK telecoms job market is anticipated to continue showing growth throughout the next five-year period.

By 2012, demand is expected to represent real term growth of 7% in comparison with 2007. Further mobile communications and broadband uptake, along with additional technological advancements are expected to facilitate growth during this period.

Why contract?

Telecoms professionals often opt for telecoms contract jobs over permanent positions due to the inherent benefits associated with contracting. Such benefits include flexibility, the opportunity to gain new knowledge and experience as well as the potential tax advantages and higher incomes.

Contractor Pay

Despite the overall telecoms market seeing growth, salaries have remained relatively static except for telecoms contract jobs which have seen a rise of 8% year on year.

The latest telecoms (and telecoms related roles) daily rates for the last three months are shown below with their associated average daily rate % change on the same period last year: (Source 7th March 2008)


Job Description
Daily Rate
% Change
Telecoms jobs
up 8.78%
Cisco jobs
up 4.12%
3G jobs
up 26.90%
GSM jobs
up 10.04%
Networking jobs
up 1.73%
VOIP jobs
down 13.93%



There are a number of factors that have influenced the higher pay for telecoms contract jobs, the most prominent of which being the significant investment in a new generation of mobile wireless communications infrastructure. Such investment often requires highly skilled telecoms professionals for short periods of time during the development and implementation stages.

The explosion of mobile and user-generated services have also created an ongoing demand for VOIP and SIP related skills.

Over the last 12 months the number of telecoms roles have slightly decreased but the mix of roles and skill set required has resulted in the growth in telecoms contract rates. In the UK there is often a skills shortage in the areas of greatest demand. As a result for those with the right skills the opportunities available are extensive.

According to many recruitment agencies contract rates are expected to grow further in 2008. It is therefore a good time for telecoms professionals in permanent positions to consider telecoms contract jobs.

Contracting also allows for workers to get increased exposure in different industries and sectors which will increase their worth overall.