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Contractor Insurance

Contractor Insurance

Did you know that professional indemnity insurance insures you against your error, neglect, act or omission, which could cause financial loss to your business?

Technojobs offer insurance from contracting specialists Hiscox insurance to cover your engineering, telecoms, electronics or IT contracting business.

Some clients insist on evidence of professional indemnity insurance and having this protection will provide you further with a truly professional image to potential clients.

Joining any insurance scheme couldn't be easier and just involves using the online application form to get a quote and then apply within minutes.

The different types of contractor insurance that is worth considering includes:

Professional Indemnity

Provides financial protection for your company and is designed to meet the cost of defending claims made against you, including damages that may become payable. Claims can occur where a client suffers a financial loss as a result of alleged mistakes or omissions on your part. You may even be sued by a client who is merely dissatisfied, but has no valid claim, leading to substantial legal costs and time away from contracts.

Legal Expenses (IR35/tax investigation) Insurance

Are you concerned about tax investigations by the Inland Revenue? Or perhaps an agency/client that fails to pay your invoice?

This unique product gives you the power to defend and pursue your rights against the following disputes; IR35 investigations, tax, PAYE and VAT protection from the Inland Revenue, non payment by creditors, Data Protection, Employment disputes and legal defence in respect of civil and criminal proceedings against you. 

Employers Liability

This insurance is arranged to protect employers against claims for injury or illness brought by employees. Employers' Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1998 requires that employers maintain cover to a minimum of £5,000,000 in respect of such claims. Many contractors don't take out this type of policy (since they will be claiming against their own Limited Companies!) - but it is a statutory requirement all the same.

Public Liability

This type of policy will protect you against your legal liability where you accidentally cause damage or loss to someone else's property (Examples: Coffee down the back of the computer or over the keyboard, knocking a laptop or other piece of IT equipment off a desk etc). Also, if you accidentally cause injury to someone whilst working at a clients premises (Examples: You have cables running from various machines to a PC you are working on and someone does not notice and trips over and injures themselves). This insurance is applicable to IT, Engineering, Electronics and Telecoms contractors

It costs less than you think and you can obtain a very quick quote by clicking hereNot ready to renew?