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Benefits of Becoming a Java Contractor

Java is a widely used programming language primarily designed for use with web development and programming for games and apps.

Java is a very similar programme to the C++ in terms of its ‘look and feel’ but it is simpler to use than C++ and it enforces an object-orientated programming model.

Java is probably the preferred and one of the most commonly used programming languages used throughout the world. Click the link to search for Java jobs

The Java platform is based on the power of networks and the idea that the same software should be able to run on many different kinds of computers and consumer gadgets.

As a result of the widespread use of Java there are thousands of Java jobs available in the UK, many of these being Java contractor jobs. Current Java contractor jobs include Java developer jobs, J2EE jobs, Java architect jobs and Java consultant jobs.

Benefits of becoming a Java contractor

Becoming a contractor in the IT sector carries with it many advantages. Current IT contractors enjoy benefits such as greater flexibility in terms of job choices and taking time off, the opportunity to experience new industry sectors, further their knowledge and skill-set, build up a diverse portfolio of contacts for future work and enjoy possible tax benefits plus a higher income.

Java Contractor Rates

On average Java contractors have received a 5.78% rise in their daily rates to £482 in comparison to the same period last year (source: It Jobs Watch 11th March 2008). The pay for Java professionals however in permanent positions have not seen a rise but a small fall of 0.62% in their salaries making the average salary in comparison to the same period last year of £48,300.

There are a number of key influencing factors that have played a role in determining rises or falls in pay, one of which being the number of jobs posted. In both the contractor and permanent markets the number of Java roles available has slightly decreased but the diversity of roles, the skill-set and experience required by recruiters has intensified. This diversity in roles and skill-set requirement has benefited experienced Java contractors in terms of pay.

Java professionals in permanent positions who are looking for a higher salary in 2008 might want to consider taking on contract jobs to help build upon and evolve their skills and experience.

With the Java contractor jobs market offering diverse opportunities and requiring up-to-date skills and experience, those ticking all the boxes will be in a better position in relation to demand and consequently will be able to generate a higher salary.