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Top Tips to Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a great way to help you stand out from the crowd when you’re applying for a job.

It is a great way of laying out your work history as well as demonstrating you’re career knowledge and exposing you to a wide network of professionals.

You can attach your LinkedIn profile to your Technojobs account to help boost your candidate profile within our database a fuller profile can help you be found by recruiters.

Before you attach your LinkedIn profile – here are a few tips of how to optimise it:

Complete Your Profile

Sounds like an obvious one but it’s surprising how many people don’t complete their profiles. Whether it’s a photo missing or no descriptions to previous jobs, missing information minimises the impact of your profile. This is your Maximize Your Group Membership

chance to shout about your skills and experiences – so shout!

Getting involved in groups not only increases your exposure to other professionals in your industry, it also increases the keywords on your profile.

Check out our Project Manager Jobs group.

Expand Your Network

LinkedIn is the perfect platform to connect with colleague whilst still maintaining a work-life balance. So get adding! The more people you are connected to the more often you appear in search results and the more active and interested in your field you seem.

Optimize Your Job Descriptions

By keeping your job descriptions short and succinct you increase the “scanability” of your profile. This means that employers can get a good overview of your career past and key skills without having to read in full depth as they would on a cover letter or CV. Including several keywords can also be helpful in making you seem particularly relevant to a position.

Claim Your Vanity URL

It looks neat, makes your profile easy to share and helps people who know you find you – a small thing but worthwhile.

Build Recommendations

Having members of your network/ colleagues recommend you is always a good sign for recruiters. Although these don’t class as official references, it’s positive to see that you are well respected and good to work with.

Keep Collecting Endorsements

Endorsements are quite a new feature of LinkedIn and whilst they currently have very little sway in how easy your profile is to find, rumour has it that this will soon change. As well as this it is a great idea to ask for endorsements as again it is a great way to highlight key skills to a recruiter in a snapshot.

Now your profile is complete – add it to your Technojobs candidate account by logging in here!

For further help improving your LinkedIn profile, contact our partners at the CV Knowhow who offer a profile writing facility. Click here to find out more!