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IT Jobs in London

IT Jobs in London

London offers a wealth of opportunities for IT professionals. There is a huge and diverse range of IT jobs in London many of which commanding higher salaries then anywhere else in the UK.

Of course with working in London comes a very high cost of living and property prices are amongst some of the highest in the world.

Getting an IT job in London

Most employers in the IT industry in London seek candidates who have formal qualifications from universities or colleges and relevant work experience.

Over the past few years in certain areas of the UK and London there has been an IT skills shortage and as such IT professionals who are well qualified and experienced in applications development and programming will be highly sought after. In particular those IT professionals who are proficient in programming languages such as C++, Perl, Java, Oracle, PHP, Linux, Python and .Net frameworks such as C#, ASP.Net and VB.Net will be in a strong position and well remunerated for their skills.

Different types of IT Jobs in London

There are many different types of IT jobs in London to be found within both the private and public sectors. Project managers, web developers, programmers, database administrators, IT managers and analysts are all in demand in the London area.

London hosts some of the most desirable IT jobs in world with many IT jobs in the financial industry being found in the city at companies such as Deloitte and Touche, the Bank of England, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and all the major global banks. There are also plenty of opportunities to be found in other parts of London such as the West End working for Advertising and New Media Agencies and IT support firms.

IT salaries in London

IT salaries in London vary depending upon the specialist skills and experience that the employee has. As a consequence of the IT skills shortage and a high concentration of companies in London requiring IT professional’s higher salaries are often paid. A few of the most common IT skills found in London are shown below with their associated average salary for the last three months: 

Skill Average Permanent Salary Contractor Daily Rate
Java  £59,859 £531
SAP  £60,048  £469
Oracle  £54,783 £484
PHP  £36,928 £270

Non UK Nationals working in London

For ‘non UK nationals’ who are looking to work in London may require a working visa. To find out more information on the types of Visa’s available and how to apply for one click here.