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IT Jobs in Agile Project Management

Agile project management is a form of project management with a primary focus to determine software use and deliver projects in a highly interactive and flexible manner; hence the word ‘agile.’

You will usually find an agile project manager working on small scale projects.

How is agile project management different?

One of the main criticisms of traditional project management theories is that they are unable to cope with a number of changes to certain aspects of a project. Therefore, the interactive nature of agile project management makes it an ideal alternative for software related and highly complex projects.

On another note, agile project management does have its drawbacks as well. It is widely believed that this approach to management does not ‘scale’ well because it is impossible for a manger to be as interactive on large scale projects due to the number of tasks occurring simultaneously. Therefore, larger projects still adopt a mainstream approach.

Roles and responsibilities in agile project management

In complete contrast to traditional project management, agile project management does not involve the project manager being the ‘head’ of the team. They become more of a facilitator and server in order to ensure that the team develops all software on time and to the highest standard.

Below are some of the responsibilities involved in agile project management:

  • Helps the team to turn requirement backlog into working functionality
  • They are responsible for enacting agile values and practices
  • Their primary responsibility is to remove impediments from the project
  • An agile project manager fosters team communications
  • They improve engineering practices and tools to ensure the efficient running of a project
  • Agile project managers improve the productivity of a team by taking a mentoring role
  • Agile project management involves the organisation and overseeing of team meetings

Below are some examples of what agile project manager jobs do not include:

  • Agile project managers do not manage the team
  • The do not make decisions for the team
  • They do not direct team members
  • They do not overrule team members

How can I get an Agile Project Management job?

Agile project manager jobs are usually on a contract basis due to the projects usually being small scale and not running for long periods of time. Therefore, it’s likely that you will need a very strong CV and more than likely a degree in a related field.