Climb the Career Ladder with an IT certification

When it comes to training, the question most often asked is – how will this help me further my career?

In such a fast paced industry as IT where up to date knowledge is the lifeblood of a profession, the question is even more prevalent.

Stay current

The very act of studying and preparing for an exam means that your existing subject knowledge will be added to and strengthened, which is never a bad thing.

A certification in IT acts as an independent endorsement that proves to potential employers that you’re willing to invest in your learning, and that you’re dedicated to keeping your skills up to date in order to tackle any changes in your industry head on.

A qualification provides you with credibility amongst your peers, and often introduces you to different communities, where you can meet like-minded individuals who will help you continue on your learning curve by sharing experiences, advice, and recommendations.

Your education should be a continuing path that you walk, and a certification is just evidence of the important parts of your journey.

Increase your productivity

If you already have a job, but have participated in a certification to enhance your knowledge base, your productivity at work will most likely be higher than before.

You’ll have learnt new skills and technical tips that you’ll be able to apply in your everyday work, which will, in theory, lead to an increase in your speed and efficiency – something that is sure to get noticed by your manager.

In a 2013 Global Knowledge report, it was found that 70% of people who took a certification were able to see a rise in their work effectiveness and capability.

Earn more

By obtaining a certification, a bonus or promotion at work is often not far off, simply because your manager now sees you as an even more valuable asset than before – someone worth investing in in order to keep you in the company and not lose you to competitors.

And with people who have trained for an IT certification claiming that they are earning a 5.4% higher average salary than before they were trained, it’s well worth investing in your career in order to work your way up the ladder.