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Average Project Manager Salary

Average Project Manager Salary

Project Management is a broad skill that covers a multitude of industries from construction to IT to telecoms. 

A project manager salary can be very rewarding, with the national average for permanent Project managers being around £50,000.

Project Manager Jobs

Each industry is different, however a lot of the skills required to be a successful in Project Manager jobs remains pretty consistent. Project Management in general can be a very lucrative career, and with demand for Project Managers continuing to rise there are plenty of opportunities to make the most of.

Project Manager salary expectations

Those starting out in a Project Manager job could expect a starting wage of around £37,500 – however it is quite hard to enter project management without having started your career in a Junior Project Manager job (average starting salary around £23,900).

Experienced Project managers can expect to earn a salary in excess of £72,500.

Top locations to optimise your Project Manager salary

London is a key location for most jobs when looking to optimise salary; however other key locations for Project Managers looking to maximise their earning potential are Yorkshire, Surrey, West Midlands, Berkshire and Leeds.

Ways to boost your Project manager salary

The rewards of a Project Management career are obvious from the tremendous average salaries mentioned above – so how can you boost your Project Manager salary to those levels?

There are many ways you can look at in order to boost your salary expectations, for example:

  • Get qualified!

There are several Project management qualifications that will help you progress throughout your Project Management career and boost your salary. The most common qualification (that you may already have by this level is a Prince2 qualification. Prince2 is an acronym that stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments and is a process based methodology for aid effective project management.

Find Prince2 jobs.

Other popular Project Manager qualifications that can help you climb the ladder or boost your salary include:

Project Management Degree

PMP (Project Management Professional)

IPMA – Certified Project manager qualification (from the Association of Project management)

To find out more about Project Management courses click here.

  • Go contract

Contracting can be a very good way of achieving a higher salary – however you do have to take in to consideration that work will not always be consistent. The average daily rate for a contract Project Manager is £425.