The UK Highly Skilled Migrant Programme

The UK highly skilled migrant programme

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Get a UK work permit without needing a UK employer to sponsor you!

We have searched far and wide for partners that look after their clients, do not charge excessive amounts of money and are regulated by the OISC, well now we have found them in SkillClear.

Remove all barriers to working in the UK

Try the online UK Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) Points Calculator from our partners at SkillClear and see if you qualify! You can also receive a free assessment of your case by a Registered Specialist HSMP Consultant.


The UK Highly Skilled Migrant Programme has been very successful since it’s launch on 28th Jan 2002.

The points based scheme allows you to qualify for HSMP based on your qualifications, work experience and achievements in a particular field. The programme was designed to encourage the entry of people to the UK to seek employment who are probably already earning a high salary and are very successful in their home country.

Any individual can apply; depending on your circumstances where you may apply from will vary. Applications made in the UK will be scored against the HSMP criteria but whether leave to remain is granted will also be determined by your current immigration status. Applications for those resident overseas no longer need to be made in the first instance via a British embassy or consulate overseas. We can make these applications directly in the UK.

How you can qualify under the programme

To make a successful application you will need to provide evidence that you score sufficient points in the categories and demonstrate that you will be able to continue your career in the United Kingdom. Please note that you do not have to score points in all categories to qualify under the programme as long as you score at the minimum points total required.

If you think you may qualify visit the HSMP calculator for a quick initial assessment, a free service which will ask a few basic questions for a simple way to assess your score. SkillClear will let you know if you qualify for the programme and see if you would like to apply. Easy.

If you are based outside the UK, your payment will be required in advance, if you are in the UK, half the fee as deposit and half upon success.

If you do not qualify under the UK Highly Skilled Migrant Programme, there are other options available to you:

If you are a Commonwealth citizen between the ages of 17 and 30 then you may qualify for a Working Holiday Visa. With recent changes to legislation you will now be able to work full time with the Working Holiday Visa without need to find an employer first. Find out more about the Working Holiday Visa

If you have a job offer from a UK company which wants to employ you in a role for which it can not find an EU national, you may be able to get an employer sponsored work permit. Further Information for Employees

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